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Erik has been with The Clique since it was first formed.  Erik began his musical career playing drums with “Nikdammit” in 2009 and continued until 2011 when they broke up. Later in 2011, Erik and two friends started a new band “Fall Hazard”.  Erik wanted to expand his musical horizons and started playing keyboards. Three short years later Fall Hazard was voted Racine’s Best Band!

Soon after this award a new opportunity came about to start a new band and Erik was interested.  The Clique was formed in 2015 and has been busy ever since.  Erik’s personal musical highlight came in 2016 when The Clique played Summerfest.  Erik plays two keyboards- a Yamaha MOX 8 and the other a midi controller hooked up to a vintage Roland JV1080.  This allows for many customized sounds.