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Tanya started singing from a very young age. Any opportunity to perform Tanya wanted to be apart of it! In Middle school she picked up the clarinet and joined the choir. Always getting lead parts in drama and plays it seasoned her confidence enough for her to enjoy her comfort level she developed for the stage. She was never really professionally trained vocally until now…..but her passion for music gave her the ability to self teach at the time. Learning harmonies and experiencing her range was always the most challenging as she carries a very low raspy voice normally. Nevertheless, this gave her an edge covering male and female artists in cover bands. Back in the 90’s in Columbus, Ohio she was the lead vocalist  for bands like Lost Dog and Soul Fish featuring some of the cities most sought after musicians. Tanya never lost her desire to perform and sing on stage.
Time went by and after a lot of thought and consideration she decided it was time to hit the stage again and share her passion. After posting an add for a band it wasn’t long before she and the guys in the Clique got to work. Covering songs like Bawitaba, Spiderwebs, 99 red balloons, Shoot me all night long and just enough country and pop to boot…it was clear this was going to be a party band with something for everyone to enjoy! Forward to the summer of 2016 …..The Clique hit an all time high!
……after being together just 1 year together, the band had the opportunity to perform at the largest music festival in the world ….Summerfest!!!! It was a time to never to be forgotten and Tanya says she can now cross that one off her bucket list!!! “You have to live in the moment and take it all in because you never know how long it will last!” She and the Clique have no end in sight.
“It’s all about adding songs and getting stronger and building that following with each and every show!” And for now that’s the plan for her and The Clique.
 In addition to singing lead vocals in the Clique, Tanya also has acoustic partners she performs with and has performed solo at weddings, birthdays and special ocassions.
-Tanya & Zak Duo
-DW Duo w/ Dave Wacker
-Private event singer: weddings, birthdays, coorporate events, etc.