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Tim’s musical interest started in his early teens. Most people in his neighborhood started with the 6 string guitar including Tim himself. As usual he wanted to be different and naturally gravitated towards the bass. He also picked up a banjo not long after. He used some of the finger picking rolls from the banjo in his bass playing. His neighborhood was and still is a pretty tight group of guys. They started out playing upstairs at his buddy’s Steve’s house, playing guitars and passing around the whiskey bottle. They would learn pieces of songs and fill in the rest. Good Times.  Most of his bass playing skills come from teaching himself and learning from his other friends who also played. Tim took only one lesson to this day.  There weren’t computers to aid him and his friends like there is today. It was mostly by ear or buying a book.

Tim’s first band didn’t have a real name. They knew the bar owners or bartenders and they would play for drinks. Most of their sets were short or sometimes with another group. The band would also do a lot of open jams.  In the mid 90’s Tim and his two friends started the band “3 mile road “. They would play for about a year around Racine before calling it quits. The next band Tim would be apart of …. “ Southern Fried “. All southern style rock. They toured Racine county for about 2 years before breaking up. After that Tim was in two projects that never made it out of his basement studio, LOL. About a year later a long time friend and now the drummer  of the CLIQUE called Tim up to see if he’d be interested in starting a band and of course he said, Hell YEAH!

For Tim there is a lot of feeling in the way he plays.  He likes learning more than one song from a particular group so he can capture the bass players style. In the last couple of years he has really looked at the technical side of the bass and studied it’s roll in a band. Researching different amps, guitars, effects and accessories. In the past he’s grabbed any bass, an amp and the largest speaker he could find and made it work. Now he feels he is getting a little more refined. He wants to know why it sounds the way it does and how he can he make it sound this way?  This has opened up a whole new experience for his bass playing skills and he’s loving it!